• 20+ years of programming experience.
  • 12+ years of software design.
  • Design and development of the web, embed, desktop, enterprise applications including web services, e-business, office productivity, accounting, ERP, financial.
  • Practical knowledge of agile methodologies, ITIL framework, SDLC and test-driven development.
  • Lead developer teams on large and small projects. Provided training for juniour developers and product users.
Languages and Frameworks
C# (Entity), ASP.NET, JavaScript (AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Prototype, Openlayers), HTML/HTML5, CSS(LESS, SASS), WebMethods, Powershel, Java, XML, YAML, SQL, PHP (Zend Framework, Symphony, Doctrine, Propel), Ruby, Python, Bash, XML, XSLT, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Visual Basic (6, .NET).
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Redis, Memcached.
IDEs (VIM, Eclipse, Zend Studio, Netbeans, Gedit), Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), MS Office, SoftwareAG webMethods Integration Server, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins.
Operating systems
Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora), Windows 10/8.*/7/XP/9x/Me/Vista/, MS-DOS.
Web services, MapServer (Linux GIS tools), Subversion, GIT, Mercurial, Bazaar, Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx (Reverse Proxies), RabbitMQ, REST API, DOM.


Senior Developer
«Advanced Solutions Inc» - Victoria, BC

Design, develop and support applications that process large amounts of critical and financial data. Working on improvement of internal development processes and practices.

Tags: Software Engineering Application Development System Design REST API Version Control Enterprise software User Interface

Technology: C# SQL MSSQL Java Subversion HTML CSS LESS Bootstrap JavaScript WebMethods Powershell JQuery Webpack Jira Confluence XML FlatFile NodeJS

Web Application/UX Developer
«Codan Radio Communications» - Victoria, BC

Creating user interfaces for a new generation of radios. Designing and implementation of Restful API. Database design and maintenance. Wireframe creation and implementation of a user interface. Setting up a user interface asset build system. The configuration of a web server.

Tags: Software Engineering User Experience User Interface Web Application REST API Version Control LAMP Stack

Technology: PHP Silex Doctrine PHP Unit Apache PostgreSQL HTML CSS LESS Bootstrap JavaScript JQuery Backbone NodeJS Grunt Webpack Mocha Jira Confluence Mercurial

IT Consultant
«Self Employed» - Calgary, AB

Helping clients to find and develop cost-effective solutions to meet their business goals

Tags: Web Services Software Engineering User Experience Web Application REST API Agile Methodologies Version Control Architecture Design Static Site Generators

Technology: PHP Zend Framework Moodle MySQL PostgreSQL JavaScript JQuery HTML Git Gitlab Jira CSS LESS SASS NodeJS Grunt Webpack

Application Developer
«Getty Images» - Calgary, AB

Worked on a team responsible for design and implementation of a new queueing system to provide real-time, seamless flow of financial data between the US and Canadian offices. Was responsible for Database design, code production, and management, architecture design, code release support. Assumed responsibility of a team lead halfway through a project. Worked closely with the financial department to make sure that software meets all business requirements.

Tags: Web Services Software Engineering Web Application Agile Methodologies Version Control Architecture Design Software Release Team Leadership

Technology: PHP PHPUnit Mysql RabbitMQ Zend Framework Git Memcache JavaScript JQuery

Senior web/application developer
«3D-P» - Calgary, AB

Worked on a GIS-based web application for the mining industry. The application could accept images in any EPSG and not-EPSG projection from the user and project any Geodata onto it. Based on it created tools for asset tracking and wireless network analysis. An application could not only collect but push confrontational data to endpoints. A lot of effort was put to make applications as user-friendly as possible.

Tags: GIS Map Web Services Software Engineering Web Application Agile Methodologies Version Control User Experience User Interface Architecture Design

Technology: PHP PHPUnit Lighttpd MapServer Mapscript CSS LESS Bootstrap MongoDB JavaScript JQuery OpenLayers

Applications Developer
«iStockphoto» - Calgary, AB

Used wide range of technologies: PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, SVN, Phpunit, Jira, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Gearman, Silenium, MongoDB, Memcache. Participated in creation and design of new features, re-factoring of core site features, bug fixes. Worked on Database optimization to achieve 20-30% speed improvements. Tutored junior team members. Involved in RND. Used agile methodology; have experience in pair coding.

Tags: Web Services Software Engineering Web Application Agile Methodologies Version Control Architecture Design Software Release Team Leadership

Technology: PHP PHPUnit Mysql HTML CSS Zend Framework Git SVN Memcache JavaScript JQuery

«Chandran Media» - Calgary, AB

Software architecture development. Web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Zend Framework, SQL(MySQL, MS Access, MSSQL), JavaScript, AJAX, ActionScript).

Web-developer; Software developer/engineer
«bnetTV» - Calgary, AB

Web development HTML, CSS, PHP, ColdFusion, SQL(MySQL, MS Access, MSSQL), JavaScript, AJAX, ActionScript, Software architecture development. Graphic design and Animation (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash), 3D Modeling, sites support. Interactive CD's development (Visual Basic, HTML, Flash)

Project Manager; Programmer
«Alter-Web» - Mogilev, Belarus

Requirement specifications creation; Software design, Project coordination, Programming; PHP, Mysql, ActionScript, JavaScript, MySQL; Software support; Client training.

«Softmaster» - Mogilev, Belarus

Developed ERP and Accounting Softvare using Visual Basic and 1C. Software support and installation; Client training.

Skills & Proficiency

Software Design, Web Applications, REST

PHP & Frameworks

JavaScript & Frameworks

SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

NoSQL, MongoDB, Memcache, Redis